Joystick control for ships

The newest development: joystick control

Straathof Controls offers three advanced series of control stations that make the control of your ship way more convenient. Every control station that we offer is compatible with ZF Marine propulsion control systems: stations from the SSE series, the Kwant series, and ZF Controls. All control stations are of high quality and ergonomically designed. However, we would not be ourselves if we would not pursue the development of more advanced systems. Straathof Controls is therefore busy to engineer a system that enables the control of a ship with the use of a joystick.

Towards intuitive maneuvring

The Straathof Controls joystick control system enables you to control the propulsion and the maneuvring of the ship with one hand. Your other can thus be used to perform other tasks, which would be a blessing on workboats. Although the joystick control is still under development, varous try-outs have been really promising. Every joystick control system on a ship meets the highest quality standards and is adaptable to your personal needs.

We expect that with joystick control for ships we will contribute to a more ergonomic and comfortable worksphere in which the user can steer the ship instinctively, and therefore will be able to focus more on the activities that are performed with the vessel.

Please watch this video to get an impression of the joystic control and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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