ZF ClearCommand

Use the table below to find the ClearCommand that is appropriate for your purposes.

For professional shipping purposes

The ClearCommand is manufactured for the application to electrically control a single engine and gearbox, for which at least one of the two is powered electrically. The system is applicable to both commercial marine vessels and yachts. The most suitable system for your personal installation can be determined using the table above.

After installation, the system can be fine-tuned using the menu in the display. Among others, the direction and stroke of the push/pull cables, the type of throttle signal, the throttle pause following shift, and high idle can be set.

Additionally, the ClearCommand is equipped with diagnosis software that can trace possible defects, which appear as codes in the display.

Commercial Implementation

The commercial implementation of the ZF ClearCommand comes in a robust steel housing.

 ZF ClearCommand Kast


  • Applicable for all prevailing throttle signals: PWM, Voltage (V), Current (mA), Frequency (Hz)
  • Apt for control of both mechanical and electrical gearboxes
  • Apt for mechanical as well as electrical trolling
  • Standard connectivity for five control stations
  • A single lever for the control of the motor and gearbox
  • Immobilizer
  • High/Low idle
  • Single lever control system for installations with multiple engines
  • Engine speed synchronization for installations with multiple engines


  • Throttle ramping. This application enables the reduction of the throttle signal (ranging from 0 to 15 seconds).
  • Station expander. This is a separate unit that can be added, after purchase of the installation, when more than five control stations are demanded.

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